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How To Memorise A Speech

Labour party leader Ed Miliband got himself into an awkward situation this week when, during the Annual Party Conference, he entirely forgot to mention the

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Dealing With Isolation

So you’re a First Year, two weeks in! You’ve been hearing your whole life about how great university is; about how as soon as you

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X-Mini Kai 2 Speaker Review *****

Now, I’m no authority on technical gadgets but the X-Mini Kai 2 Speaker is pretty impressive.  Good things come in small packages, they say, and

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Cue-Seeking: Reading Your Way Up the Career Ladder

‘Cue-seeking’ versus ‘passively experiencing’ It’s long been an accepted fact that ‘cue-seeking’ students tend to score better in tests than those who don’t cue-seek. The

September 23, 2014 Advice Articles

Win & Set The Trend With These Amazing Adidas Cases

Adidas – from original authentic footwear, stylish clothing & now some pretty cool phone cases; Who would of thought it? … Well here at Student


Win & Stay Safe With Smashii

Are you all ready and packed up for Uni or to go on your studies? Well we at Student Noodles have teamed up with SMASHii,

extended project qualification

What Is The Extended Project Qualification?

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) is qualification you can complete with the normal exam boards Edexcel and AQA.  It is an extra opportunity for A-Level


Not Drinking During Freshers And Non-Alcoholic Events

Freshers’ Week can be a daunting prospect for many students, not least of all because there is the impression that everyone will be drinking six


How To Deal With Homesickness

 Homesickness advice for all the freshers who have just found out that they are off to university in a few weeks! Your first weeks at


UCAS 2015: Key Autumn Dates

Make sure your UCAS 2015 applications for higher education are on time and ready to be sent before these deadlines. September 2014 You will be


Get to Know Your New Uni Family

Freshers’ Week will throw you into living with a lot of new people who are going to be your uni family for the next nine



New to the shops, Get More vitamin A is the latest edition to the Get More low calorie, vitamin-enriched drink range. These tasty blueberry and

September 09, 2014 News

Book Review: Persepolis

Persepolis - Marjane Satrapi For anyone unfamiliar with Persepolis, it is a graphic novel depicting the life of a teenage girl during and after the Islamic

my whole brain just went what the hell

Is Doctor Who Ready For A Female Doctor?

With Doctor Who arriving back on our screens with a bang rather than a whimper, it seems that everybody is in Whovian fest again. I

home cushions

Make A Room A Home

Tips for making your student accommodation more of a home! (while not sticking anything to the walls – yes, yes, we know) Spruce up your

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Monthly Magazine Theme: September – Yellow Brick Road

For September the Monthly Magazine Theme is the ‘Yellow Brick Road’ We’re not in Kansas anymore… September is the start of the new academic year


20 Things Freshers Will Learn

Freshers going to uni in a few weeks! Here are 20 things you can expect to learn in your first year… 40% in that essay?


Uni Place Confirmed – What’s Next?

Congratulations to everyone who received their A-Level results last week!  With your place at university confirmed, what’s next for you to do? Now that the


10 Odd Things To Take To University

Whether you are a new fresher or returning student, this year remember to take back all these useful things!  Here are 10 Odd Things To


Mean Girls at Downing Street

Mean Girls at Downing Street is everything you want it to be. Check out the high quality satire from Tumblr… It’s the most relevant tumblr you’ve


A Guide to the Edinburgh Festival for the Penniless Student

August is now in full swing and for the people of my home town this means one thing – The Edinburgh Festival is upon us.

middlesex university

Your Way Into Clearing By Middlesex University

Your Way Into Clearing Infographic By Middlesex University


How To Manage Clearing 2014

It’s results day and we hope you all get the grades you are expecting! But if not, there’s no need to panic.  Follow these tips by Middlesex


How To: Clear Out Your Bedroom

Recently moving back home to live whilst I complete my Masters degree has brought me back to my childhood bedroom…It has also bought me back

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