Cardiff University Scientists Breakthrough with Leukaemia Disease Treatment

Cardiff University scientists announce that they have made a major breakthrough with research into the treatment of Chronic Lymphocytic Leukaemia. The disease is the most

April 18, 2014 News, Original Features

Lecturers’ Marking Boycott Potentially Postponed

The marking boycott threatened by lecturers in a pay row with university management, may have been avoided. Read how the situation escalated to this action

April 17, 2014 News, Original Features

Graduate Starting Salaries Decrease

Graduate starting salaries have seen significant decreases in the last five years. The Complete University Guide has found that the starting salaries for professional graduates

April 16, 2014 News, Original Features

The Benefits of Social Learning

Learning will always be more productive and enjoyable if it combines real social interaction. Massive open online courses (Moocs) have given a wide range of


New trailer for the student-central comedy ’22 Jump Street’

Sony Pictures Entertainment has recently released the last, new red band trailer for the comedy movie 22 Jump Street. After the great success of ‘21


Is social networking leaving us too exposed as individuals?

I am writing this as a young person that fully embraces the social media world of the 21st century. Self-confessed instagram addict, selfie show-off, tweeter


April’s Prize of the Month: GTECH Power Sweeper

YOU could win April’s Prize of the Month! All you have to do to enter is Write for Us! Your work will be featured on


Students to be paying back loans until their 40s and 50s

Following the release of predictions, by the government last month, that approximately 45% of graduates will never earn enough to repay their student loans, further

April 11, 2014 News, Original Features
varsity 2

Welsh Varsity 2014: Cardiff and Swansea Sporting Event

Yesterday was a highlight in the university sporting calendar with Welsh Varsity 2014.  Cardiff and Swansea University students came out in force to support their


A-Level and GCSE Changes: Maths skills a priority

Maths and practical science skills will be prioritised by new, more  stringent GCSEs and A-Levels. Also, financial regulation will be incorporated into economics A-Level courses

April 09, 2014 News, Original Features
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